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Approval Process

In the submission of samples, lab dips and accessories, these must be checked before forwarding to the client to ensure these comply with the order requirements. If not, these are to be returned to the factory / manufacturer for correction / replacement. The aim is for the client to exert as little effort as possible during this process by sending samples that would only require a Y/N reply.

Should the factory / manufacturer be unable to fulfill the order requirements, his proposal must be prepared immediately for client’s approval.

All approvals / instructions must be made in writing. All procedures clearly documented to avoid contest / argument about the clarity of said instruction / approval.

All samples dispatched to the client must be labeled accordingly. Garment samples must always have attached:

  • Sample inspection report
  • GSBD Sample label
  • Hangtag with complete details

As each client has their specific requirements to meet the needs of their customers, as well as their distribution channels, the MANUAL for each account must be referred to regularly to ensure that all requirements are satisfied according to the allotted schedule.

Once approval has been received from the client, and goods passed all required laboratory tests, to commence with bulk production, we are to meet with all parties concerned with production to ensure that all parties are aware of the requirements, standards and schedule for the order.

In-line Inspection

    • INITIAL PRODUCT CHECK (IPC) – inspection is conducted before any finished garments have been counted
    • DURING PRODUCTION CONTROL (DUPRO)- inspection conducted at 3 stages (at least), after 10% output, after 30% output, after 60% output. This depends on the flow of production (problematic orders may require as many Dupro inspections found necessary to thoroughly check the quality of the goods at all stages).
    • FINAL RANDOM INSPECTION (FRI)- conducted only when goods are 100% packed. Schedule to conduct FRI is made once factory / manufacturer sends the request for Final Inspection along with the correctly accomplished packing list. These documents are ideally received at least 2 days prior to the scheduled date of inspection.

It is recommended to start inspection as soon as possible in order to catch any problems that may be present prior to the assembly of the garment, when something can still be done to correct the situation.